About us

Sanhero Technology Co. Ltd. in Shenzhen, China is dedicated to research and development of the intelligent micro-system related products and services. Founded in 2010, mainly by world class experts and scientists with extensive experiences and technical skills in the field of intelligent micro-system, Sanhero is a high-tech company with the integration of research, development, production, sales and services. Based on the research and development advantages from the divisions in the United States, as well as with a deep understanding of the market, Sanhero is committed to innovative intelligent micro-system technology supply and service.

With the fast growing and development of technology, intelligent micro-system has been increasingly influencing the entire human society more widely. Sanhero’s intelligent micro-systems include from micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) chip to the complete solutions of high-speed real-time signal processing. With superiority its applications have been widely spread to telecommunication, medical, biology, new energy, new material, manufacture, electronics and other areas.

As a professional provider of intelligent micro-system technology, with advanced equipments and experienced team of professionals Sanhero is capable to offer services in MEMS, nano-chip and a variety of real-time digital signal processing, etc. Meanwhile Sanhero has built up long-term partnerships with the world's leading micro-system technology centers, such as Harvard CNS center and MTL Laboratory at MIT.

Our goal is to deliver the most cutting-edge, innovative and highest quality solutions of intelligent micro-system and one-stop services. Please call +1-858-848-9688 for inquiries and more information.