Sanhero Technology Co.Ltd. in Shenzhen, China is dedicated to development and commercialization of Micro/Nano technologies related product. Sanhero alos provides customized design, prototyping, and foundry service of Micro Sensros, actuators, and Micro systems to small business companies,and academic institutions. Our world-class engineers and scientists are located in both United States and China.

Sanhero  also has established an advanced platform by collaborations with MEMS foundries in China, and worldwide recognized Micro/Nano laboratories/centers in both United states and China. Our deep engagement with world leading facilities/foundries gives sanhero a full capability of excellent execution from prove-of-concept prototyping to high volme manufacturing. We provides prototyping manufacturing, samll and medium manufacturing for customers who wanted to test their concept, and fine tune their technical specifications before high volume production as well.

Our advanced manufacturing platform includes technologies and infrastructure for both MEMS front-end-of-line and back-end-of line. Some of the capabilities are listed below. please contact us for more details.

Our goal is to deliver the most cutting-edge, innovative and highest quality solutions of intelligent micro-system and one-stop services. Please Email: for inquiries and more information.